Get the Trendiest Sculpted Body with Six-Pack Abs Liposuction Procedure in Singapore

Six Pack Abs Liposuction in Singapore

The six-pack abs is now the trend and every man’s dream. However, it is not an easy task to get the desired body. All people are born with different features and different body structures. While some will have beautiful sculpted body without trying much hard for it, others will have to try too hard to keep the excess fat at bay. Earning a six pack abs is a really tough job. You have to really lead a disciplined life to get those packs. However, the job can be made easier with six packs abs liposuction procedure. Sometimes, the diet and the hard exercises do not help you to get the desired body that you always dreamt of. Therefore, the liposuction procedure might be a solution for you.

It is better to consult a cosmetic surgeon in Singapore before moving ahead with the plan of liposuction. One can opt for Vaser liposuction in Singapore, which is an excellent method for body-sculpting and contouring. The procedure involves injecting fluid into the body tissues to ease the operation. Known as the super-wet technique, local anesthesia and adrenaline is injected to the patient’s body. This helps in breaking up the fat deposits. The Vaser procedure works between the skin layer and the muscle layer, where a small probe is made to transmit the sound energy to break the fat deposited tissues. This way you get a well-shaped body. The method is undoubtedly safe and effective. Once the fat is melted, a small cannula or a tube is inserted under the skin to suck out the excess fat from the body. The process is used without damaging other types of tissues.

After the melting out of the fat, it is suctioned out of the body through small cannula without causing harm to other tissue structures. The plastic surgeon deposits fats in the required area to create a more muscular look. The same method is used to accentuate other parts of the body. After the completion of the surgery, the incisions are closed and the patient is sent for recovery and is monitored for a brief period. The entire procedure takes about 6-hours to complete. The method of treatment is painless and takes a time of one to two weeks to recover. The risk is minimal in the procedure and the healing is fast in Singapore as compared to the tumescent liposuction.

With a little discipline and a better lifestyle, you can be the proud owner of those packs for a lifetime.

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